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Heritage Conservation Trust Fund


The Tennessee Heritage Conservation Trust Fund seeks to protect significant natural areas in Tennessee by strategically partnering with landowners, government agencies, non-profit organizations, for-profit companies and others.

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To date, the Heritage Conservation Trust Fund has approved more than $30 million dollars in grants to leverage for a total of $117,609,000 in conservation purchases to protect approximately 42,600 acres of priority land in Tennessee. In July 2008, five projects protecting more than 4,600 acres were approved for $2.2 million in grant funding.

The projects approved for grant awards must meet certain criteria before the funds are provided, including property surveys and appraisals, environmental assessments and enactment of mechanisms like conservation easements to guarantee the permanent protection of the properties.

“Greater prioritization for funding is given to projects that involve partnerships, leverage state funds and enhance or connect existing public lands,” said Trust Fund Chair Drew Goddard. “This round of grants will help protect more than 4,600 acres with an estimated value of more than $9 million.  The participation of the Heritage Conservation Trust fund in these projects provides the maximum benefit to Tennesseans while leveraging available funds.”

Eligible projects range from the preservation of tracts for the purposes of tourism and recreation to projects focused on protecting or restoring the state’s physical, cultural, archaeological, historical and environmental resources.

The Trust Fund is not accepting new applications at this time.

Contact the Heritage Conservation Trust Fund at (423) 854-5471 if you want to learn more about this program.