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TDEC Advisory Board Report Nov. 30, 2009

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has received a report by the Advisory Board put in place by Environment and Conservation following the TVA Kingston coal ash spill. 

The report is titled, “Lessons Learned from the TVA Kingston Dredge Cell Containment Facility Failure: TDEC Advisory Board Recommendations for Safe Performance.”  It outlines the primary issues found at the TVA Kingston facility, discusses the ongoing evaluation of other TVA facilities, weighs in on the Root Cause Analysis initially published by AECOM in June 2009, and makes several recommendations for future management of coal ash in Tennessee.

Click here for cover letter to Advisory Report.

Click here for Advisory Report.

Advisory Board members include:

  • Lyle Bentley, TDEC Division of Water Supply - Safe Dams Program, P.E.
  • Steve Jacoby, Benham Consultants, P.E.
  • Richard Kramer, Benham Consultants, P.E.
  • Glen Pugh, TDEC Division of Solid Waste Management
  • Saya Qualls, TDEC Division of Water Pollution Control, P.E.
  • Karrie Jo Shell, Environmental Protection Agency – Region IV, P.E.
  • Dr. Bruce Tschantz, Professor Emeritus, University of Tennessee – Knoxville, P.E.

Members reviewed available information regarding the Kingston failure, attended TVA briefings, performed site visits and assessed TVA processes to establish lessons learned and develop the recommendations outlined in the report.

This information, as well as any new federal regulations put in place by EPA, will be used to meet Governor Bredesen’s directive immediately following the Kingston spill and ensure coal ash is safely managed in Tennessee into the future.