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Air Monitoring Results

The Department of Environment and Conservation has established a continuous air monitoring station North-Northeast of the coal ash slide site with support and assistance from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The department’s air monitoring setup at this station currently includes a PM10 TEOM (continuous particulate monitor) and a HiVol (high volume TSP sampler) for metals analysis.  Preliminary results for the TEOM indicate PM10 (particulate matter 10 microns and smaller in size) are below the PM10 standard of 150 ug/m3.

The department is continually evaluating the monitoring results to determine whether additional monitoring locations, types of monitors and/or monitoring frequency should be utilized.

The department’s Division of Air Pollution Control has also implemented procedures to help ensure that the generation of fugitive dust from the spilled ash does not impact air quality as it dries and becomes windborne.

Summary results from the air quality monitoring station and regular updates on the department’s air monitoring coordination efforts at the TVA Kingston Ash Slide site will be posted to this page.

Air Monitoring for Particulate Matter near TVA Kingston ash slide
(01/01/2012 to 04/12/2012 TEOM Data)
(01/04/2012 to 02/03/2012 Metals Data)

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Air Monitoring Results Status Report - Feb. 2, 2009

Air Monitoring Results Status Report - March 31, 2009