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Particulate Matter 10 microns or less (PM 10) Monitoring

The department collects continuous data on Particulate Matter 10 microns or less (PM 10) from a special TEOM monitor at the spill site in Kingston. Particulate pollution at the PM 10 level serves as an air quality indicator for health concerns as particles at 10 microns or less can settle in the bronchi and lungs and cause health problems. The PM 10 data collected by the department is immediately uploaded to the EPA’s servers where it is available for viewing on the EPA’s AIRNow Web site.

Click here to view most current PM 10 reading from the TEOM monitor on Lakeshore Drive in Roane County. See the circle with a color-code on the map and then reference the tables below for reading.

Air Quality Index (AQI):
Particle Pollution

PM10 Ug/m3 AQI Category
0 - 54 0–50 Good
55 – 154 51–100 Moderate
155 – 254 101–150 Unhealthy for Sensitive Grps.
255 – 354 151–200 Unhealthy
355 - 424 201–300 Very Unhealthy
425 – 504 301–400
505 - 604 401–500 Hazardous

PM 10 Monitor Scale