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Solid/Hazardous Waste

New! Notice to Generators and Waste Handlers: New Federal Uniform Manifest

Beginning September 5, 2006, all hazardous waste handlers are required to use a Federal Uniform Manifest. The Manifests must be obtained from approved registered printers. EPA Hazardous Waste Manifest System and list of approved printers. The State of Tennessee's Notification Requirements and Standards Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Wastes, Rule 1200-1-11-.03, were revised September 2006 and require the new Federal Uniform Manifest.

Reminder - Check before you sign!

State and Federal rules require all generators to not offer hazardous waste to transporters who do not have a valid permit. Generators must check before signing and verify that the company name and identification number on the manifest are the same on the hazardous waste transporter permit with the vehicle.

Important Notice – Environmental Regulations Impacting the Tanning Industry

There are environmental regulations that impact your business if you use lamps that contain mercury. A component in the lamps used in the Tanning industry is Mercury. To help reduce the possibility of a chemical release from entering and harming Tennessee’s air and water, a Universal Waste Rule and policy are in place. To assist you in complying with these regulations, please see SBEAP’s presentation regarding Mercury Lamp and Environmental Compliance Workshop. The slides presentation seeks to help small business Tanning operators, and similar businesses that support the industry meet regulatory compliance, help avoid mercury releases, introduce prevention practices and provide compliance options.

Helpful information for Non-perc Drycleaners

Helpful information for non-perc drycleaners concerning recordkeeping and reporting.