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Urgent Bulletin Regarding Flexible Plastic Piping

At the request of the Petroleum UST Board, the division has recently distributed an Urgent Bulletin alerting tank owners and others associated with the petroleum industry to the possibility of potential problems with some flexible plastic product piping. The letter quotes from a similar letter the Mississippi UST program sent their tank owners listing a series of "early warning signs" which could indicate conditions which could cause possible piping problems.

The letter sent to Tennessee tank owners says "You should inspect your piping periodically and if you notice any of these "early warning signs" it could be indicative of an impending piping failure. You should contact your service company if you notice any problems with your piping…. A service call before a piping leak can prevent serious problems from occurring later and give you peace of mind. The costs of correcting problems early will be much less than the cost and business interruption from cleaning up a release from a failed product line." Complete text of the letter sent to tank owners (PDF).

A separate letter was distributed to Corrective Action Contractors, Petroleum Distributors, UST Installers and UST Maintenance and Service Personnel. That letter says in part: "As you interact with tank owners during the course of your business, please encourage them to check their sumps periodically and do not allow product to come in contact with flexible piping. If you notice potential problems when you are on site such as flexible piping immersed in liquid, please point it out to the tank owner so that this situation can be corrected. We appreciate your assistance in raising the level of awareness of this issue among tank owners." Complete text of the letter sent to these individuals (PDF).