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Tank Registration, Fees and Database

Sites Under Delivery Prohibition

Facilities appearing on this list should not be receiving petroleum deliveries, nor should they be selling petroleum. This List will be updated on a regular basis.

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Notification Requirements for USTs

Tennessee Underground Storage Tank Rules require tank owners, buyers and sellers of tanks to notify the state at different times during the lifetime of a tank. There are three forms which should be used for these purposes.

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New Voluntary Registry for Petroleum Sites

If a person or a company owns an interest in a petroleum site, this program is designed to help them monitor the status of that petroleum site. This will allow a registrant to receive copies of correspondence sent to the tank owner concerning operational compliance, fund eligibility, fee payment and other subjects related to the petroleum underground storage tanks or tank releases at the petroleum site.

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Permits Handbook: Underground Storage Tank Notification

Information on who needs to file a notification, what information must be provided, what fees are required and more.

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Annual UST Fees

The UST Law requires payment of an annual tank fee for all tanks which are in use or temporarily out of service even one day during the annual billing cycle. This applies to tanks taken out of service on or after July 1, 1988, and not permanently closed in accordance with the regulations. The UST Regulations do not allow the annual fee to be prorated even if the tank was in service only part of the annual fee year. The annual billing cycle or fee year starts July 1 for USTs in East Tennessee, October 1 for USTs in Middle Tennessee and January 1 for USTs in West Tennessee. The rules list which counties are located in East, Middle and West Tennessee.

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UST Database: Information About USTs in Tennessee

The Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks maintains a database which contains information concerning the Division’s activities. The following information is available for download in a filtered Excel format. Updated May 9, 2015

Database Description


Tennessee UST Compartments

This spreadsheet contains information on all tank compartments that have been reported to the Division. Some of the compartments listed, are not regulated by state or federal regulations, because of the substance stored, the size of the compartment, its use, etc. The information contained on this spreadsheet

is the current owner’s name and address, the current facility’s name and address, and detailed information concerning the compartment (ie., contents stored, status, age, size, material of construction, release detection method, etc.). It contains approximately 58,000 records.


Tennessee UST Facilities

This spreadsheet summaries the information in the Compartment spreadsheet, by facility. Each reported facility is listed with the corresponding owner. The total number of tanks are listed along with the status of the tanks at a facility.


Tennessee UST Owners

This spreadsheet summarizes the information in the Facility spreadsheet, by owner. Each reported owner is listed, along with the total number and active number of facilities currently registered to them. The total number of compartments and their current status is also listed per owner.


Environmental Activities

This spreadsheet contains information of all facilities where any type of environment related activity has occurred due to a tank closure, a suspected release or a confirmed release. The information contained on this spreadsheet is the owner’s name and address when the environment activities began, the facility’s name and address when the environmental activities began, the last known consultant’s name and address working on the site, and the current status of the activities taking place.


Reimbursement Activities

This spreadsheet contatins information of all facilities which have applied for reimbursement from the Tennessee Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Fund.

The information contained on this spreadsheet is the owner's name that made the request, the facility's name and address where the request was made, and the amount that was requested, disallowed, deductible applied, and the amount of the payment.


The Division is providing this information at no charge, therefore technical support is not available to assist you with interpreting or using the data.

Additional information, concerning past tank owners, more detailed information concerning environmental issues, compliance matters, and reimbursement of releases can be obtained by calling (615) 532-0945 and scheduling a file review appointment.