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If You Have a Release

What to do in the event of a spill or a leak

Information including preventive measures to take before a leak is suspected or confirmed, warning signals of a leaking UST system, what to do when a UST system release is suspected and actions to take for a confirmed release.

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Corrective Action Contractor (CAC) Program

Information including a list of approved corrective action contractors and an application for approved corrective action contractor status.

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UST Fund and Reimbursement Information

Instructions and applications for fund eligibility or reimbursement.

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Required Laboratory Methods

Any UST system release assessments require environmental sampling of soil and/or ground water. These assessments may occur during such procedures as closing petroleum USTs, environmental assessments and at intervals during corrective action. Proper laboratory analysis of samples is critical to decision-making. This is to identify the analytical method that laboratories should use when processing samples for the TN UST program.

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Risk-Based Decision Making (Revised 12/1/2005)

Effective December 1, 2004, the Division implemented a new Risk Based Corrective Action (RBCA) Process. The TN-RBCA Process is a revision of previous processes and provides several advantages.

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Technical Guidance Documents

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Summary of Report Requirements, Application and Report Forms

Corrective Action System Figures - 2010