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Drinking Water Emergency Planning

All community water systems are required to have an Emergency Operations Plan. DWS has prepared the following emergency planning resources to assist water systems in the preparation of their Emergency Operations Plan.

"Public Water System Emergency Operations Plan Guidance Documents"

The Tennessee Association of Utility Districts (TAUD), American Water Works Association (AWWA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also produce valuable emergency response guidance materials.

"Response Protocol Toolbox: Planning for and Responding to Contamination Threats to Drinking Water Systems". EPA guidance document to assist water systems in the response planning for an intentional contamination threat and/or incident. The Toolbox consists of 7 PDF documents (an overview and 6 modules). The links to the 7 pdf files are located under "Water Security Publications".

The EPA maintains a "Security Product Guide" on it's website. This guide contains valuable information on a variety of security products (physical and electronic/cyber) and water monitoring tools. The guide is updated as new products and technology are made available. User feedback is requested on the listed products.

"Security Vulnerability Self-Assessment Guide for Small Drinking Water Systems". This Security Vulnerability Guide is targeted for drinking water systems serving less than 3,300 people and is designed to help these systems assess their critical components and identify security measures that should be implemented. ASDWA and NRWA developed the guide in cooperation with the U.S. EPA.