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Collins River Watershed (05130107) of the Cumberland River Basin – Group 3 (2003)

Water Quality Management Plan

Collins River Watershed Map

The Collins River Watershed is located in Middle Tennessee and includes parts of Cannon, Coffee, De Kalb, Grundy, Marion, Sequatchie, Van Buren and Warren counties. It is approximately 811 square miles and empties to the Caney Fork River. There are 78 rare plant and animal species in the Collins River Watershed.

The Collins River Watershed has one Designated State Natural Area:

  • Savage Gulf State Natural Area is a scenic area with an extensive trail system that includes a trail to Stone Door, used by native Indians as a passage for centuries.

Other sites within the Collins River Watershed include:

  • South Cumberland State Park maintains an extensive trail system that enables the hiker to view Big Creek, Collins River and Savage Creek as they tumble over 800 feet in elevation through narrow gorges and scenic rugged canyons.
  • Rock Island State Park includes a three mile nature trail that winds along the riverbank of the Collins River and provides a glimpse of wildlife.
  • Cumberland Caverns, a U.S. National Landmark containing great underground hallways and galleries of columns, stalactites and masses of formations.
There are also many local interpretive areas. McMinnville’s Riverfront Park, a park for fishing, picnicking and boating, is the most notable in the area.

Table of Contents


Summary - Collins River Watershed

Chapter 1 - Watershed Approach to Water Quality

Chapter 2 (2.83mb) - Description of the Collins River Watershed

Chapter 3 (2.42mb) - Water Quality Assessment of the Collins River Watershed

Chapter 4 (5.9mb) - Point and Nonpoint Source Characterization of the Collins River Watershed

Chapter 5 - Water Quality Partnerships in the Collins River Watershed

Chapter 6 - Future Plans

Title Page for Collins River Watershed

Appendices: Appendix I, Appendix II, Appendix III, Appendix IV, Appendix V

Waters with EPA Approved Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

Collins River - Total Maximum Daily Load for siltation and habitat alteration. Approved 02/13/2003.