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Tennessee owns entertainment

There’s a reason musicians write songs about us. It’s the same reason we're home to a critically-acclaimed network television series. In Tennessee, we're committed to the film and music industry. Our investment hasn't changed since country music and rock-n-roll were bred in the corners of our state. No other state offers a diverse landscape or business climate that is deeply-rooted in film and music. From hosting four national music festivals to facilitating thousands of hours of global television programming, our state is ingrained with a passion to make entertainment a top priority. After all, that's why Tennessee is thriving. We're a right-to-work state, with competitive production incentives, unrivaled locations and an experienced team that's ready to work.



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Production Crew Directory

You can access our on-line Tennessee Production Directory which provides immediate access to Tennessee's extensive film industry professionals and resources. If you are part of the Tennessee production community, make sure you are listed with us!