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Being a filmmaker you are constantly searching for locations that are unique, authentic, and inspire further exploration of artistic expression. Tennessee offers an experience that is rich in history and surrounds visitors with picturesque views and untouched landscapes.

With three distinct topographical regions, Tennessee offers endless location possibilities from the West Tennessee delta and plains to the gently rolling hills of Middle Tennessee to the foothills and majestic peaks of the Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee. Major cities in each region are home to experienced, professional crews and equipment houses, and film friendly support services from hotels to hardware stores abound.

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Our staff provides many services for your project. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Location Assistance: We are happy to help you by providing photos of general locations from across the state. Additionally, if we don't have what you need on file, we will work with our state-wide county film liaisons and the regional film commissions to show you that Tennessee has the perfect location for your project.
  • Digital Location Library: We maintain a digital library of over 20,000 photos, and offer user-friendly methods for viewing recruitment packages .
  • Liaison Services: By acting as a liaison between other State, Metro and Federal Agencies as well as the private sector, and serving as a one-stop resource we offer a streamlined process for production.