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State Christmas Tree

Be Cyber-Secure When Shopping Online
Free shipping, daily deals, gift-wrapping, even gift recommendations are filling consumers’ email accounts along with online ads tailored to your web searches as Tennesseans shop for the holidays. The bad guys only have to be right once to steal a consumer's holiday.

State Budget Hearings Online for Review   Gov. Bill Haslam and F&A Commissioner Larry Martin met in November and December with state departments and agencies to discuss their budget plans for Fiscal 2015-16.  The governor will present his budget to the legislature after they convene in January 2015.  Click here to watch hearings and stream live hearings.  You can also view agency presentations materials.

Official State Holidays
A quick listing of official holidays when state offices will be closed.


Finance and Administration
December 16 - Funding Board Consensus Report and Estimates
December 11 - November Revenues
December 11 - Veteran State Accounting Manager Named Chief of Accounts

TennCare Fraud
December 19 - Mississippi Women to Repay State After TennCare Fraud Conviction
December 15 - Dyer Co. Man Charged 2nd Time with TennCare Drug Fraud
December 15 - Dickson Co. Woman Charged with TennCare Fraud

TennCare Fraud Most Wanted

Meet Commissioner Larry Martin

Commissioner Larry Martin

Larry B. Martin became commissioner at F&A on August 13, 2013.

Martin had been the interim commissioner since June 1 after former commissioner Mark Emkes´ retirement.

"I want to thank Larry for continuing to serve Tennesseans as the F&A commissioner, " Haslam said. "Putting together the budget is one of the most important things we do, and Larry´s skills and experience with complex systems and organizations is unmatched."

Last year, he joined the governor´s staff as a special assistant to the governor, working alongside Human Resources Commissioner Rebecca Hunter to oversee the implementation of Haslam´s civil service reform, the Tennessee Excellence, Accountability and Management (TEAM) Act; and reviewing state employee compensation.

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