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Edison - A Bright Idea for State Government

State of Tennessee´s ERP Division (Edison)

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  • Edison is the State of Tennessee´s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. ERP systems use an integrated software package to perform administrative business functions, such as financials and accounting, procurement, payroll, benefits, and personnel administration. Edison is a web-based system accessible to all State employees as well as an eSupplier Portal designed for Vendors and Bidders doing business with the State of Tennessee.

    The ERP Division is within the Department of Finance and Administration and was created in May of 2005, given the name Project Edison, to plan, design, and implement an ERP solution for the State of Tennessee. After fully implemented in October of 2009, Edison replaced roughly 30 legacy systems. Though change is never easy, the State employees worked hard to successfully transition to the Edison system.

    Moving forward, the Edison system will be periodically upgraded to keep on track with industry standards and provide the best solutions as we serve the citizens of Tennessee.

Quick Links

Edison Portal - Link to the Edison System

What Is Edison? - Information on the State of Tennessee´s Enterprise Resource Planning System

FactSheet - Systems That Were Replaced

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Vendors and Suppliers - Edison Information for Vendors and Suppliers to the State of Tennessee