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Office of Criminal Justice Programs
Bill Scollon, Director

OCJP Contacts

Office of Criminal Justice Programs
William R. Snodgrass Tennessee Tower
312 Rosa L. Parks Avenue, 18th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243-1102

William Scollon, OCJP Director, 615-532-2983

Daina Moran, Deputy Director, 615-253-8758

Angela Slack, Assistant Director, 615-253-8622

Jennifer Brinkman, Assistant Director, 615-253-2037

Lee Ann Smith, Assistant Director, 615-741-6031

Janet Stewart, Fiscal Manager, 615-741-9821

Rosie Corricelli Assistant Fiscal Manager, 615-532-2986

Susan Canon, Victims Services, 615-532-0058

Mike Justis, Program Monitor, 615-626-8019

Tom Pitt Criminal Justice, 615-741-9954

Susan French, Criminal Justice,615-532-5822

Jeremiah Morton, Criminal Justice, 615-532-2988

Katie Powell, Victim Services, 615-253-7820

Teresa Sneed, Auditor, 615-626-7495

Jennifer Hicks, Auditor, 731-217-2975

Judy Ester, Program Monitor, 615-253-5599

Justine Bass, Victim Services, 615-253-1983

Paul Rosson, Program Monitor, 615-626-1663

Francine Webster, Administrative Assistant, 615-532-7187