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Division of Budget
David Thurman, Director

Fiscal Year 2002-2003 Budget Publications

State Taxpayers' Budget, Fiscal Year 2002-2003

A summary of the services provided by the State of Tennessee, by agency, and the state tax dollars required to fund them (PDF format, 3.3 MB).

Budget Overview, Fiscal Year 2002-2003

An overview of the total state budget, including recommended improvements for FY 2002-2003 (PDF format, 156 KB).

The Budget, Fiscal Year 2002-2003

The full recommended budget, including all funding sources for FY 2002-2003 (PDF format, 1.8 MB).

The Citizens' Guide to the Tennessee Budget

This is a guide to understanding the state budget. Published by the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and based on the FY 2001-2002 Budget Document, this report describes how Tennessee's budget document is organized and how the budget process works. (PDF format, 419 KB).