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Benefits Administration

Benefit Changes for 2015

Health insurance premiums will not increase in 2015.
There is now a single medical maximum out-of-pocket. The medical copay out-of-pocket maximum is combined with the coinsurance out-of-pocket maximum.
The maximum out-of-pocket amounts for medical and pharmacy are changing for each PPO. Your total in-network out-of-pocket maximum will be less in 2015.
Partnership PPO members, including covered spouses, must complete the online Well-Being Assessment (WBA) by March 15, 2015. If you receive a call from a coach in 2015, you must complete a biometric screening and fully participate in health coaching.

Cigna LocalPlus Network
Cigna will offer the LocalPlus network again in 2015 in the middle Tennessee region.

What You Should Know about Cigna LocalPlus:

This is a narrower network than the Cigna Open Access Plus network
The network includes primarily HCA-affiliated hospitals and Vanderbilt Medical Center, among others
The St. Thomas Hospitals (Baptist, St. Thomas, Middle Tennessee Medical), Williamson Medical Center, among others, are NOT included
The $20/$40 network carrier surcharge will NOT apply
The Cigna LocalPlus network costs the same as BlueCross in Middle Tennessee
The larger Cigna Open Access Plus network is still available in middle Tennessee and the network carrier surcharge will apply