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Benefits Administration

Dental Insurance

Optional dental insurance is available to all state plan members. For local education and local government employees, this option is available if offered by your agency. Your agency benefits coordinator can advise you if this option is available. Active members do not have to enroll in health coverage in order to enroll in optional dental coverage. Dental coverage is also available to retirees enrolled in health coverage with the state.

Prepaid Plan
The Prepaid Plan provides dental services at predetermined copayment amounts, which are reduced fees for dental treatments when members receive service from their selected participating general dentist or from any participating specialist. There are no deductibles to meet, no claims to file, no waiting periods for covered members, no annual dollar maximum and preexisting conditions are covered. Participants must complete a dentist selection card to designate their general dentist. If eligible family members have a different dentist selection, this information must be included on the card as well. Benefits are administered by Assurant Employee Benefits.

Preferred Dental Organization (PDO)
The PDO offers flexibility in that members may choose any dentist; however, members receive maximum benefits when visiting a participating network provider. No referrals are required and you or your dentist will file claims for covered services. Some services require waiting periods and limitations and exclusions apply. Benefits are administered by Delta Dental.

Additional Enrollment Information
Please see the Publications section of this website to view a comparison of covered services and a detailed member handbook. Enrollment applications are available on the Forms Page.

Continuation of dental coverage through COBRA versus the retiree dental plan
If you are enrolled in dental coverage as an ACTIVE employee under a state sponsored plan and your employment is terminated, you will be given the opportunity to continue your dental coverage for 18 months under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). A COBRA notification will be mailed to your home upon the termination of your active coverage. Continuation of dental insurance is NOT automatic at retirement. To continue dental through COBRA, you must complete and return the COBRA enrollment form to Benefits Administration within 60 days of your active coverage terminating. Please indicate if you are a Tennessee Consolidated Retirement System retiree via a hand written note on the signature page of the COBRA enrollment form.

If you do not qualify to continue dental insurance through COBRA or simply wish to enroll in the retiree dental plan upon the termination of your active insurance coverage, you should submit an application directly to Benefits Administration. Please note, you must be a TCRS retiree or an ORP (optional retirement plan) retiree from a higher education agency. You must submit your enrollment application within 30 days of your active insurance terminating or you will have to wait until the next annual enrollment transfer period to enroll.