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EAP Self-Assessments and Tests

Alcohol and Depression Screening
Confidential and anonymous screening for depression and alcohol by telephone for employees and dependents. You may call toll-free at 866.249.1580 to participate in an interactive recording using your telephone keypad. Results are given immediately and persons scoring positive may be connected directly to the EAP for further assistance. There is no charge to you to participate in the screening. The screening is also available online at from the "self assessments" link under Health Information. Results are given immediately after completion of the screening test. Remember, if you score positive for a problem you may contact the EAP for a personal counseling session.

Personal Self-assessments
Anonymous, confidential screenings and self-tests are also available for the following:

Anger management Career motivation
Anxiety disorder Conflict management
Eating disorders Emotional intelligence
Nutrition knowledge Goal setting
Self-esteem Stress (SRR scale)