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Fire Prevention Division

Manufacturing Housing Section


General Information


The Manufactured Housing Section administers portions of the Uniform Standards Code for Manufactured Homes and Recreational Vehicles Act (TCA Title 68, Chapter 126, Part 2) related to H.U.D. Labeled Manufactured Homes, the Tennessee Manufactured Home Installation Act (TCA Title 68, Chapter 126, Part 4), and acts as HUD’s State Administrative Agent and exclusive Production Inspection - Primary Inspection Agency, to administer certain aspects of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974 (the Federal Act).


Under State of Tennessee Law, the Manufactured Housing Section is responsible for:

  • Licensing HUD labeled manufactured home manufacturers, retailers, and installers;
  • Monitoring used manufactured homes safety standards;
  • Performing manufactured home installation inspections in accordance with State law; and
  • Investigating and taking appropriate action against violators of the Tennessee Acts referenced above.


Under its current agreement with HUD, the Manufactured Housing Section administers parts of the Federal Act which involve:

  • Monitoring manufacturers' home construction quality control program;
  • Investigating and monitoring consumer complaints under the Standards Act;
  • Searching for and when warranted, initiating class action cases through HUD;
  • Performing post-production monitoring of manufactured homes produced in and/or shipped to Tennessee; and
  • Investigating and taking appropriate action against violators of the Federal Act referenced above.


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Address:   Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance

                Division of Fire Prevention
                Manufactured Housing Section
                500 James Robertson Parkway
                Nashville, Tennessee 37243-1162

Phone:       615-741-7192

Fax:           615-741-9388


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