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Scope of Work extension requests are due into ePlan by March 14, 2014. When requesting an extension, be sure to submit both a revised Year Four SOW and a new Year Five SOW. You can only have two documents stored in the ePlan LEA Document Library at a time, so if you already have SOW documents in there, you will need to delete them before you can upload new ones.

Please refer to the detailed extension guidance document and the template below for more information. If you have questions, please contact Meghan Curran at Meghan.Curran@tn.gov.

Scope of Work Extensions

Scope of Work Extension Request Guidance

SOW Extension Request Template

Quick Reference Guide – How to Upload a Document to ePlan

Approved District Scopes of Work

  • Year 1
  • Year 1 Amendments
  • Year 2 Note: Additions to the original scope of work plan have been added in red text, while items in green text have been removed. Year one carryover funds were re-allocated into year two activities.

For Scope of Work questions, please contact Meghan Curran at .