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Application for Eligibility

Dear Applicant:

The Application for Eligibility package represents the documents that must be completed by your organization in order to be considered for eligibility to receive state and federal surplus property.

Please complete the forms in accordance with the instructions. Also please note the terms and conditions to acquire surplus property. After completing all required information on the four pages, send them to our office.

Department of General Services
Property Utilization Division
6500 Centennial Boulevard
Nashville, TN 37243-0543
Telephone 615/350-3373
Fax 615/350-3379

Please ensure that all questions are answered completely, and that all required supporting documentation is included. Incomplete applications will not be processed which will cause a delay in your becoming eligible to receive surplus property.

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing your eligibility package, please call (615) 350-3373 for assistance. We appreciate your interest in the surplus property program.

Click here to get the eligibility forms.

Terms, Conditions, etc.