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Capitol Renovation Update

July 2013: “Tennessee State Capitol – Grounded in Tradition” video.


State Capitol
December 2012


Happy Holidays to the Governor, Constitutional Officers, Legislature, Commissioner of F&A and all of your staff working in the Capitol.  As you all know by now, the construction work on the Capitol is complete.  As the Capitol staff moves back in, there will be some obvious and other behind the scenes changes that we hope you will enjoy.  The flooring, walls and ceilings have been cleaned, repaired or replaced; the old has been made new again. The heating and cooling system is completely updated with new digital controls that will deliver a more desirable result.  The electrical system has been updated with no more "tombstone" outlets in the middle of the floor and more reliable circuit capacity.  Also, multiple outlets have been relocated to be more convenient and usable.  The plumbing system has been updated and partially replaced to provide more reliability and comfort.


The most drastic changes have been made to the ground floor, as we have introduced a new office suite concept throughout the floor.  This concept uses windows to create both a sense of continuity within a suite, as well as allowing better transfer of natural light further into the spaces.  There is a new conference room with an exposed, painted, vaulted brick ceiling to show the history of the building.  The G-11 conference room, long known for the "jet engine" outside the door, is now quiet.  Additionally, the main west entry to the first floor with its new security station now looks welcoming and proper, while still providing an appropriate level of security.


Welcome home for the holidays.  We hope you enjoy your new, old home for this year and many more to come!