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Welcome to General Services

The Tennessee Department of General Services is responsible for providing goods and services to the State government of Tennessee.  Its primary customers are other departments and agencies within State government.  It also serves vendors wishing to do business with the State, and citizens and organizations interested in purchasing surplus State property.

The Department’s services include centralized procurement for State departments; management of the State’s real estate assets; motor vehicle and equipment management; printing, media, and photographic services; postal services; warehousing and distribution; State employee parking, badging, and shuttle services; and assistance to small businesses and  businesses owned by minorities, women, and veterans.

Mission Statement: Provide essential centralized services to support the daily operation of State government.

Vision: To be the national leader in strategic public sector support services.

Organizational Values with Behaviors

  • Be honest, truthful and transparent
  • Be respectful of others and their time
  • Exhibit loyalty and commitment to mission, vision and values
  • Discern what to say and do at the right time
  • Take personal responsibility for all the organization's objectives (we not me)
  • Hold yourself accountable, take ownership, and keep commitments
  • Be proactive
  • When problems arise, work to find solutions rather than complain
  • Engage in opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Offer new and thoughtful ideas that support the mission
  • Foster creativity in others by being open-minded
  • Show continuous improvement in everything we do
  • Seek best practices
  • Look for ways to make change work rather than objecting or resisting
  • Share information and resources
  • Listen attentively - practice listening skills and value input of others
  • Network and build relationships with your internal and external customers
  • Speak positively of co-workers, the job and the agency
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Put the mission before yourself
  • Respond non-defensively when others disagree with your views - tolerate disagreement
  • Actively participate
  • Address concerns immediately
  • Value the opinions of others
  • Clarify and confirm your customer's needs to provide the best solution
  • Make well thought out decisions based on evidence and fact
  • Manage expectations and declare intent
  • Keep your customer informed in a timely manner
  • Over deliver, exceed expectations
  • Appreciate and acknowledge each other's contributions
Customer Focus