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Community College Reconnect Grant

The Community College Reconnect Grant is a first-come, first-served grant program that provides a last-dollar scholarship to adults who want to return to community college and complete their associates in applied science degree. Adults who meet all of the qualifications will be expected to enroll in a Tennessee public community college in the 2016-17 academic year. In order to fund this program, there will be a one-time expense to the lottery fund of $1.5 million, which will cover roughly 800 recipients.

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Tennessee Promise Implementation Adjustments Bill

A year after passage of the Tennessee Promise Scholarship Act of 2014, there are a few minor adjustments to the program that need to be made in order to ensure that the original intent of the bill is met. These changes concern four major areas: definition of gift aid, clarification of the full-time student requirement, terminating events for the scholarship, and TSAC rulemaking authority.

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State Health Insurance Reform

This legislation supports the Tennessee state government's total compensation goals, permits market alignment of the health insurance benefit, and provides the insurance committees with the tools that all large employers have to manage health care costs and ensure fiscal integrity.

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Revenue Modernization Act

The Revenue Modernization Act would help keep Tennessee a low tax state by leveling the playing field between in-state companies and out-of-state companies doing business in Tennessee. The proposal would also seek to close certain loopholes by adapting to changes in the way products are bought and sold.

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Tennessee Teaching Evaluation Enhancement Act

As part of several key initiatives to support Tennessee teachers and in response to direct feedback from educators across the state, the governor has proposed legislation to adjust and improve the state's teacher evaluation law.

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Protection of Volunteer-Insured Drivers of the Elderly (“PROVIDE”) Act

Although Tennessee has public transportation in all 95 counties, transportation services for the elderly remain a growing need. Many areas around the country have addressed the need for senior transportation through volunteers. The PROVIDE Act would encourage more people to become volunteer drivers for the elderly because of the liability protection it offers.

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Educator Protection Act

As part of a more than $100 million budget initiative to support Tennessee teachers and in response to feedback from educators throughout the state, Governor Haslam has proposed the Educator Protection Act of 2015. The act creates the Tennessee Educator Liability Fund, which will provide liability insurance coverage to covered individuals and protect against damages or claims arising out of the performance of their work and within the scope of their employment or assignment.

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Compensation Enhancement Act

The Compensation Enhancement Act continues the administration’s focus on recruiting, retaining and rewarding a talented state government workforce by adapting longevity payments to help implement the market- and performance-based compensation plan.

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