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Health Services & Development Agency Board Members

Keith Gaither
Designee for TennCare

Elisha Hodge
Designee for Comptroller of the Treasury

Lisa Jordan
Designee for Commerce & Insurance

D. Lynn Johnson, Chair
Represents:  Consumers
(Speaker of the House)
Term Expiration: 6/30/2016

James L. Wright, Vice Chair
Represents:  Nursing Homes
Term Expiration: 6/30/2016

Charlotte C. Burns
Represents:  Hospitals
Term Expiration: 6/30/2016


Claudia H. Byrd
Represents:  Consumers
(Speaker of the Senate)
Term Expiration: 6/30/2015

Robert S. Doolittle
Represents:  Consumers

Term Expiration: 6/30/2014

Mark D. Flora, M.D
Represents:  Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Centers
Term Expiration: 6/30/2016

Represents:  Physicians
Term Expiration:

Thom Mills
Represents:  Home Care
Term Expiration: 6/30/2015


Please Note:

T.C.A. ß68-11-1607(8)(d)(1) No communications are permitted with the members of the agency once the letter of intent initiating the application process is filed with the agency. Communications between agency members and agency staff shall not be prohibited. Any communication received by an agency member from a person unrelated to the applicant or party opposing the application shall be reported to the executive director and a written summary of such communication shall be made part of the certificate of need file.