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Medical Equipment

Major Medical Equipment Registration for All Health Care Organizations

Update Registration of Medical Equipment and 2013 Utilization Data

The Health Services and Development Agency is requesting an update to the registration of your major medical equipment and utilization for the calendar year 2013. This request is authorized by Tennessee Code Annotated, §68-11-1607(i) which states that "The owners of the following types of equipment shall register such equipment with the health services and development agency: computed axial tomographers, lithotripters, magnetic resonance imagers, linear accelerators, and positron emission tomography." This section of the statute also goes on to state that "All such equipment shall be on an annual inventory survey developed by the agency. The survey shall include but not limited to the identification of the equipment and utilization data according to source of payment."

Attached to this memo are the instructions for completing this year's registration update and submitting the 2013 utilizations. The medical equipment registration and utilizations apply to your owned, leased, or shared medical equipment used by your facility. If your organization has facilities at multiple locations (addresses), please make sure all facilities with equipment have been reported individually.

With respect to reporting utilization for the calendar year 2013, whenever possible, please use CPT codes or similar reimbursement codes for calculating number of procedures/treatments. The electronic and hard copy forms contain the corresponding CPT codes for that particular piece of equipment. Please keep in mind, 1 procedure/treatment equals 1 billable unit.

Information from provider responses to the equipment registration and utilization request is important to the certificate of need management information system and the coordination of ongoing health planning and policy initiatives within state government and the health care community. Please provide the registration information and utilization data no later than March 31, 2014.

It is respectfully requested that all reports be submitted by the requested due date to allow us time to process the reports prior to the end of the fiscal year. Facilities that have not submitted reports by the end of the fiscal year may be subject to a late fee of $50 per day per TCA §68-11-1607 (i). If you foresee problems with submitting the reports by the requested due date, please notify us of the difficulty and potential reporting date.

Thank you in advance for your timely response to this request. If you have any questions concerning the registration of your equipment or if you have concerns relating to the utilizations, please contact Alecia Craighead, Statistical Analyst, Health Services and Development Agency, Andrew Jackson Building, 9th Floor, 502 Deaderick Street, Nashville, TN  37243, (phone) 615-253-2782, (fax) 615-741-9884, or email

Medical Equipment Registration(PDF)

Medical Equipment Utilization

Notice of Replacement/Upgrade of Major Medical Equipment(PDF)

Registration Instructions 2013 (PDF)

Utilization Instructions 2013 (PDF)