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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Child Care Certificate Program Overview




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Families may be eligible for child care assistance through one of the following programs:


        Families First Child Care (FF)


        Transitional Child Care (TCC)


        At-Risk Child Care


-    For TCC Expirations (ACC)

-    For Families First Child-Only Caretakers (ARCO)


        Low-Income Child Care


        Teen Parent Assistance for Child Care (TPACC)


        Diversion Child Care


        Department of Childrenís Services Child Care (approval by DCS only).


-    Protective Services (SNC: Non-Custody)

-    Foster Care (SSC: State Custody


DHS Family Assistance staff is responsible for processing parent eligibility for these sub-programs.In order to serve clients as efficiently as possible, Client Representatives serve this function for Families First clients as part of their duties in supporting individuals as they navigate that programís requirements. The other subprograms are primarily the responsibility of specialized eligibility workers, although each district, county, and office may organize staff differently to best serve clients in their area.



Table of Contents