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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Department of Childrenís Services Child Care




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        The DCS case manager should be notified when changes in the foster parentís or childís situation may affect DCS eligibility or DCS case management needs.


        DCS cases will have certificates set for 6 months or as instructed by DCS.


        Enrollment and eligibility will be terminated when DCS does not provide a new referral when the previous certificate has expired.


        Care arrangement and eligibility will be terminated when requested by DCS.


        It is not necessary to issue the 10-day advance notification to the foster parent when terminating care or eligibility under notification by the DCS case manager.


        A childís enrollment (not eligibility) will be terminated when a provider terminates a child on the Enrollment Attendance Verification form (EAV).The DCS case manager will be immediately notified.



Table of Contents