Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Case Management




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Case Notes


Case documentation in parent and provider histories should always answer the basic “who, what, when and why” questions. 


Notes should include income (descriptions of what was utilized to verify) and household composition information and other  important actions regarding events such as:


·        contacts regarding a parent’s change in status and eligibility;


·        child enrollment issues;


·        special assistance in selection of care;


·        complaints about service or the provider;


·        supervisor case reviews;


·        contacts regarding state office interventions;


·        steps in an appeal; and


·        any special circumstance that may later require explanation.


Documentation to Retain


A signed application must be kept on file and retained for at least three years or until any action related to an appeal or overpayment is completed, whichever is longer.



Table of Contents