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If a Department of Human Services (DHS) employee, his or her relative, or an individual with whom the employee has a close personal relationship receives certificate program assistance, his or her case will be placed in a confidential caseload for supervision and internal financial accountability."  Close personal relationships are defined as:


·        dating, partnership, or co-habiting relationships;

·        relationships in which business transactions are regularly conducted; and

·        personal friendships that transcend a casual acquaintance, such as:

·        a person whose home is frequently visited by the employee, or vice-versa

·        a person with whom the employee socializes “one-on-one” on a regular basis.”




Each district will designate a child care specialist for the special caseload.

The special caseload designee shall not be a recipient of child care assistance.


The eligibility – referrals, verifications of income and work requirements, records of special cross checking with other data systems like ACCENT, periods of eligibility, assessment of parent co-pay fees, and certificate for child care assistance, etc., will be regularly checked by the Field Management Director or a supervisory designee.


Each redetermination of eligibility of these cases whether by schedule or change of circumstances will be regularly checked by a Field Management Director or a supervisory designee.


The Field Management Director or designee will document these checks in the Tennessee Child Care Management System (TCCMS) parent history record.


Any detection of possible fraud or acts of favoritism shall be immediately reported to the State Office.



Table of Contents