Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Transitional Child Care (TCC)




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The FF caseworker determines parent/caretakerís eligibility for TCC.


Start Date


TCC eligibility begins the first day of the month after the Families First cash assistance ends.††


Balance of TCC Period


TCC assistance may not be needed at the time the FF cash case closes.If it is needed later in the 18-month period, the TCC assistance will begin when the need starts and may be provided for the remainder of the original 18-month period.


New 18-Month Periods


A Families First cash assistance group is eligible to start a new 18-month period of TCC each time the FF cash assistance group closes.For example, a participant has used six months of her TCC.She reapplies for Families First and is approved.At a later date, the FF cash assistance is closed again.The participant is eligible to start a new 18-month period of TCC.


Exceptions to TCC Eligibility


TCC eligibility will not be granted upon leaving FF cash assistance when the assistance group is closed for a failure to cooperate with child support enforcement.If a parent fails to cooperate with child support during a period of TCC eligibility, the client is ineligible for continued child care assistance.Once sanctioned during a TCC period, TCC eligibility can only be restored by returning to Families First cash assistance, even though the parent may again be cooperating.



Table of Contents