Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

At-Risk Child Care for TCC Expirations (ACC)




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Work requirements of 30 hours per week apply unless the parent has a disabling condition that prevents full participation.   Limited work hours may range anywhere from 1-29 hours, and full-time or part-time care for the child/ren should be approved accordingly.


If the client was working or participating in an activity for reduced hours at the time of the Families First closure, those limited hours may continue to meet the work requirement for child care.  If the client was not working/participating for limited hours at the time of Families First closure, but develops a debilitating condition during the receipt of TCC or ACC, then a doctor’s statement (on health provider letterhead) must be obtained that verifies the number of hours the client can participate and when the need for the limited hours can be expected to end.



Table of Contents