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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual




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The At-Risk program serves caretakers in Families First child-only cases that are working and/or in school.Child-only caretakers are typically grandparents, aunts, or uncles that have care and control of a relative child.


        Eligibility Start Date


ARCO eligibility begins the date of the caretakerís interview.Note: A face to face interview is not required.


        Child-only caretakers who are an eligible adult in another Families First assistance group will not be eligible for child care under the ARCO program.They would receive their child care through Families First if they meet the requirements for assistance under that program.


        All mandatory household members must be included in the ARCO assistance group. (Refer to policy on Determining Family Household Size).


        All mandatory household membersí income must be included in determining ARCO eligibility (Refer to Income Eligibility Determination).


        Qualified applicants will be eligible for ARCO as long as funding is available.Certificates will be issued for six months and the case will be reviewed for continued assistance with all areas of eligibility being re-verified.



Table of Contents