Department of Human Services

Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

At-Risk Child Care for Child-Only Caretakers (ARCO)




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Some child-only caretakers are parents, or non-parents, on SSI.  In the very unlikely event that one of these individuals is meeting the qualifications for the ARCO program, they may be approved.  There may be “child only” FF cash assistance cases where the mother is an illegal alien, but where one or more of her children may be U.S. citizens or legal aliens.  These children are not eligible for child care assistance.


In some instances, a parent may be an eligible adult in a child-only case. 




A grandmother may be receiving a child-only grant for a grandchild when the child’s mother returns to the home.  If the grandmother retains care and control of the child, the mother still must be included in the case and is subject to work requirements.  In this situation, the need for child care is based on the grandmother’s work status, and ARCO would be the appropriate program if she qualifies.  If the grandmother is not meeting the work/school qualifications, there is no need for child care, even if the mother is compliant with her work activity.


Note:  If the mother is exempt or interrupted from her work activity, ARCO would not be approved because the mother would be available to provide care for her child, unless verification is provided that she is unable to do so.



Table of Contents