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Child Care Certificate Program Online Policy Manual

Diversion Child Care




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In addition to meeting all the criteria for Families First diversion child care payments, Diversion Child Care requires the following:


·        Clients must be employed for 30 hours/week.


·        Clients have a co-pay fee using the same criteria as the TCC co-pay fee. Failure to pay the co-pay fee can result in ineligibility for the Diversion Child Care.


·        The client must not be over the income limit of 60% of the State Median Income Standard.


·        Self-employed clients who claim either non-farm or farm self-employment must be able to demonstrate at least the equivalent of 30 or more hours of employment per week.  To determine how many hours a self-employed individual is working for Diversion Child Care purposes, divide weekly income by the federal minimum wage.  This would be the gross income minus expenses to run the business.


AmeriCorps and VISTA participants are considered “full-time” by their program.



Table of Contents