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Families First Online Policy Manual




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Families First is a goal-oriented, time-limited assistance program for families with dependent children.  The values of work and child support, as primary means of achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency, are the basis of the program.  In addition to providing cash benefits, and encouraging work and child support, the Families First program promotes the values of education and healthy children through the requirements of school attendance, immunizations and health checks.  Each applicant and recipient of Families First is expected to make a commitment through a Personal Responsibility Plan. 

The Department of Human Services is committed to providing the assistance families may need to meet their goals.  The Department will determine eligibility for Families First and will provide case management services to all family members who sign a Personal Responsibility Plan in preparation for, or continuation of, work.  The Department will provide child care and will contract with outside agencies that will develop Individualized Career Plans, provide transportation and other support services needed to help families achieve their individual work goals.  Individuals who need help with drug, alcohol, mental health problems, or vocational rehabilitation services will be referred to agencies that can provide that assistance. Minor parents will be required to stay in school or return to school or alternate training activities.  Each family, regardless of their composition or their personal circumstances, will receive the support they need to develop and follow a plan to meet their goals for an improved family life.




Table of Contents