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As a condition of eligibility, a Families First assistance unit must reside in Tennessee. Families First does not have a county residence requirement; however, the application is to be filed in the county of residence for processing purposes.


        A resident is one who is:


-         Living in the state/county voluntarily with the intention of making his/her home here and not for a temporary purpose (persons in the state or county for visits or vacations are not residents); and


-         Living, at the time of application in the state/county, not receiving benefits from another locality, and has entered the state/county with a job commitment; or


-         Seeking employment, whether or not currently employed.


This definition enables migrant and itinerant workers and their families to establish residence in the location where they came for employment purposes.


        No individual may receive benefits as a member of more than one assistance unit, in more than one county or state, within the same month.


        There is no durational residency requirement for Families First.



Table of Contents