Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Living in the Home With a Relative




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Current school records showing a school age child’s address are the primary evidence that the child is in the home of the relative requesting Families First benefits.  However, if the child is not school age or the school records are unobtainable for a school age child, use the following sources of evidence:


·        Hospital, clinic, or Health Department records.


·        Statement from a child care provider.


·        Court support order.


·        Juvenile court records.


·        Child Welfare agency records.


·        Statement from a minister, priest or rabbi.


·        Signed statement from a non-relative.


·        Signed statement from a non-relative landlord.


·        Personal contacts by the caseworker with neighbors as to where, to their knowledge, the child lives.


·        Caseworker observation that the child lives in the home.




Table of Contents