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Caretaker – SSI Child




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When application is made for Families First for an assistance unit which includes a child(ren) who is an SSI beneficiary, the presence of the SSI child(ren) may be taken into account for purposes of qualifying for the caretaker and second parent for Families First.  In such cases, this child(ren) would be the only eligible child(ren) in the home, if he were not receiving SSI.


In this situation, the SSI child beneficiaries are determined to be “needy” for purposes of making the caretaker and second parent eligible for Families First since SSI is a means tested program.  The child(ren) must meet all other eligibility factors such as age, residence, deprivation, etc. and the caretaker (and second parent, if any) must meet all eligibility requirements.  The income and resources of all responsible relatives must be taken into consideration.  However, the needs, income, and resources of the SSI recipient would not be considered.  If eligibility is determined, a grant will be authorized only for the caretaker or caretaker and second parent.


SSI child - caretaker cases are not subject to IV-D requirements; i.e. absent parents of the SSI child are not referred to IV-D and child support paid on behalf of an SSI child is not assigned.



Table of Contents