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Treatment of Income




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All Assistance Unit members:


Consider the countable gross income, earned and unearned, of all assistance unit members and their responsible relatives in the home plus the deemed income of an in-home stepparent and parent of a minor parent, as available.Test the gross amount against the amount equal to 185% of the appropriate consolidated need standard (i.e., gross income standard).This procedure screens in families with amounts less than the standard and screens out those with greater amounts.If screened in, the countable net income for the assistance unit is tested against the appropriate need standard to determine eligibility and level of payment.


No income of parents and spouses (i.e., responsible relatives) is diverted to their ineligible dependent(s) living in the home except in the deeming budgets of stepparents and parents of a minor parent.



        Consider the income belonging to one or both members of a married couple as available to each other as long as they are living together.


        Consider the income of a minorís spouse living in the home with the minor as available in its entirety to the minor when the minor is included in an assistance unit.


        The income of a spouse who is an SSI recipient is disregarded in determining the other spouseís eligibility and the amount of assistance.


        If the couple presents themselves as married, they are to be considered married.If they later claim to not be married, the burden of proof of their unmarried status will be upon the couple.


Refer to the Marriage During the Receipt of Assistance chapter for counting spouseís income when the caretaker marries during the receipt of Families First.


Note: If a Families First applicant or recipient has a spouse in the military and is not receiving sufficient or regular support, the client should write the appropriate finance centers (listed below) and request an allotment be sent directly to her/him or the IV-D agency.A letter may also be sent to the military personís commanding officer regarding the matter.In both instances, the letters must give the service personís name, rank, social security number, and complete military address.The local chapter of the American Red Cross may be of assistance to the client in writing, submitting, and following up on the request.


U.S. Army Finance Accounting Center

Inquiries Division

Centralized Pay Operations

Indianapolis, In46249


Marine Corps Finance Center

Allotment Division

Kansas City, Mo.61497


Navy Family Allowance Activity

Anthony J. Clelbrezze Federal Bldg.

Cleveland, Oh44199


U.S. Coast Guard

Military Pay Center

6501 Lafayette Avenue

Riverdale, Md.20840


Air Force Accounting and Finance Center

Attention: MPAB

Denver, Co.80279




Table of Contents