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Treatment of Income




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The eligibility and case management system will perform the budget calculations.


The eligibility and case management system will group the filing unit.  Countable income will be included.  Technically ineligible children and their income will be excluded.  Gross income is computed by totaling the gross earnings for all AU members and all countable unearned income plus income deemed from a stepparent/parent/guardian.  If the countable gross income exceeds the gross income standard, the assistance unit is not eligible for assistance. 


Exception: Spouse’s income when considering Marriage During the Receipt of Assistance.


If the gross income test is met, determine net income available to the assistance unit and subtract it from the applicable need standard.  Net income is the countable gross income less any allowable earned income deductions and/or disregards.


The need standard less net income (after appropriate disregards) results in a deficit.  The payment is the lesser of the deficit or standard payment amount for the appropriate family size.  If the deficit is $1.00 - $9.99, the AU is not eligible for a grant.




Table of Contents