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Treatment of Income




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Income which is received annually, and/or which is an integral part of annual income, will be totaled and prorated over 12 months, even if the income is received only once over a period of time shorter than 12 months.  Such income usually is derived from farming, but also may apply to other self-employment enterprises.  Annual income will be prorated over 12 months even if a person has income from sources other than self-employment. Income received once annually will be prorated over 12 months beginning with the month the income is received.

Income which represents annual income, but which is received periodically during a year, will be totaled and averaged over 12 months.  This average figure will be used to project future income (if all other factors remain relatively constant).


If a self-employed person is under contract, the 12-month period begins the first month the person receives payment under the contract.




Table of Contents