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Treatment of Income




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Since need determination and level of benefit calculation are made on a monthly basis, income and expenses available to an AU must be stated in monthly amounts.  The following methods will be used to convert income to monthly amounts for purposes of determining prospective eligibility on active cases and benefit amounts:


·        Hourly or Piece Work Wages: Estimate the amount of income to be expected as the result of a week’s work based on hours/days produced.  Use the weekly earnings to determine the monthly income.


·        Weekly Income: Multiply weekly income by 4.3 to determine monthly income.


·        Bi-Weekly Income: Multiply amount received each two weeks by 2.15 to determine monthly income.


·        Semi-Monthly Income: Add the two amounts received to determine monthly income.


·        Monthly Income: When a wage earner is employed and paid on a regular monthly basis, accept his/her verified monthly/salary as monthly income.


·        Annual Income: Divide annual income by 12 to determine monthly income.




Table of Contents