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Treatment of Child Support Income




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In discussing child support with the client, the caseworker will fully explain the child support pass-through payment.This discussion should include:


        Explaining how the amount of child support pass-through payment is determined (i.e. the amount of child support payments up to the unmet need).


        How the unmet need is determined (the CNS for the AU size minus the amount of net countable income in the Families First budget minus the grant).


        The amount of the AUís unmet need based on the current information in the case.


        That any changes in the AUís income will affect the unmet need and may, therefore, affect the amount of the AUís child support pass-through payment.


In order to fully explain the child support pass-through payment policy, the caseworker may provide examples that are specific to the AUís situation to show how changes in income will affect eligibility for child support pass-through payments.This will help the caretaker determine how additional income will affect her eligibility for child support pass-through payments.This will also help show that it may be to her advantage to continue to receive Families First and child support pass-through payments instead of direct child support payments alone.The caseworker can use the format above to set up these examples.


In addition, explain that if the Families First AU is closed, the amount of child support that the AU will receive depends on whether or not the absent parent owes arrears to the caretaker.(Refer to distribution information).If the absent parent does not owe the AU any arrears, payments that exceed the current court ordered amount will be retained by the state to reimburse the AFDC/Families First cash payments that the AU has received in the past.


Determine if the absent parent owes the AU any child support arrears by reviewing the CSFS (Case Financial Summary) screen on TCSES.(Refer to the Procedures section.


Refer the AU to the local child support office or the Child Support Customer Service unit for any questions they have about the amount of assigned or unassigned arrears.



Table of Contents