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Families First Online Policy Manual

Personal Responsibility Plan




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        If an adult or the minor parent who is the caretaker of his/her own AU refuses to sign the PRP, the entire AU will be ineligible for Families First benefits.


Note: Refusal to sign a PRP does not result in a Food Stamp penalty for an applicant. No penalty can be applied if the case was not approved for Families First.


        If a minor parent who is a dependent child in the AU refuses to sign a PRP, his/her needs will be removed from the AU.


        If an adult refuses to sign the PRP at application and there is no minor parent in the AU, the case will be denied.


        If an adult refuses to sign the PRP at application and there is a minor parent in the home, the AU will fail and the case will trickle to create a Families First AU for the minor parent. If the minor parent agrees to sign/comply with the PRP, a case can be established with him/her as the caretaker for himself/herself and his/her child.


        If the adult later decides to sign and comply with the PRP, he/she can reapply at any time.


        If an adult agrees to sign the PRP and the minor parent in the home (who is not a caretaker) refuses to sign, the AU will not fail. If the adult in an active AU refuses to sign the PRP, the AU will be closed and TCC will be set. Minor parents in the AU who wish to apply for Families First for themselves and their children can do so.


        An Authorized Representative cannot negotiate, renegotiate or sign a PRP on behalf of a participant. This activity must be done with each AU adult and minor parent who is caretaker of his/her own case.



Table of Contents