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Personal Responsibility Plan




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The caseworker will discuss the following PRP agreements with the client:


        The participant agrees to keep immunizations and health checks up to date for all AU children.


        The participant agrees to ensure that all AU children attend school, including kindergarten.


        The participant agrees to cooperate with Child Support Services to establish paternity, locate the absent parent, enforce collection of court ordered child support, and assign child support to DHS.


        The participant agrees that minor parents will live in the home with parents or another authorized responsible adult.


        The participant agrees, unless exempt, to participate in work, work preparation, educational or training activities. This agreement applies to eligible adults and/or minor caretakers in the AU.


If the individual is already in compliance with some of the Personal Responsibility Plan requirements, such as immunization, school attendance, employment, etc. at the time of the interview, verification will be required prior to approval.


It is the responsibility of the caseworker to complete the Personal Responsibility Plan with the clients listed below. The caseworker retains responsibility for getting the PRP signed and approved for:


        Cases that are work exempt.


        Child only cases.


Cases that have a work requirement are referred to client representatives. It is the responsibility of the client representatives to complete the PRP for all clients with a work requirement. The client representative will fully explain the 30-hour work requirement. Once the client has signed his/her PRP, the client representative will approve the case and refer the client on to the FF work activity contractor.



Table of Contents