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Families First Online Policy Manual

Immunization and Health Checks




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To receive Families First benefits, caretakers and parents must ensure that all AU children receive their health checks in accordance with the check-up schedule provided by the Department of Health.A chart reflecting this schedule is included at the end of this chapter.


Caretakers and parents must also ensure that AU children receive their immunizations in accordance with the schedule provided by the Department of Health and used by the Department of Education for school enrollment.A chart reflecting this schedule is also included at the end of this chapter.


Review immunizations and health checks as a part of the initial PRP process and at each subsequent renewal.


If the Families First participant refuses or fails to have an immunization and/or health check for a child, reduce the Families First payment by 20% unless certain circumstances exist.Only one 20% sanction will be imposed, regardless of the number of children who are not immunized or who have not had a required health check.In addition, there will be only one 20% sanction if both the immunization and the health check requirements are not met.


The 20% penalty will remain in place until the AU is in compliance with the immunization and health check requirements.This reduction will be removed the next possible calendar month following the AUís compliance with this requirement.Refer to the Sanctions Chapter.



Table of Contents