Department of Human Services

Families First Online Policy Manual

Immunization and Health Checks




Table of Contents


Document the appropriate eligibility and case management system screens regarding:


·        Whether or not the immunizations and health checks are current for each child.


·        What specific immunizations or health checks are missing, if any.


·        The verifications used to show that immunizations and health checks are up to date.


·        Any exemptions and how they were substantiated.


·        Any extenuating circumstances that affect the child’s immunizations or health checks.


·        The circumstances of any decisions made based on these circumstances.


·        When the last immunizations and/or health checks were completed.


·        When the next immunization and/or health check is due for the child(ren).  This information needs to be documented at each renewal so that it will be readily available at the next renewal.



Table of Contents