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School Attendance




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To receive Families First benefits, all school age children in the AU must attend school, including kindergarten.  However, the penalty for non-compliance with school attendance differs depending on the child’s circumstances.  Minor children who are not parents are treated differently than minor children who are parents, regardless of marital status of the minor parent.


·        Minor children who are not parents who fail/refuse to attend school without good cause, will cause the Families First cash benefits to reduced by 20%.


·        Minor parents who are ECs who fail/refuse to attend school without good cause will have their needs removed from the Families First cash payment.


·        If the child is a minor parent and a dependent child in an AU and has not completed his/her high school education or its equivalent, he/she must attend school, prepare for a GED or attend a state approved alternative educational or training program.


·        If the child is a minor parent caretaker of his/her own case, he/she has the option of attending school or participating in a 30 hour work activity.


As a parent, the minor parent is required to sign a Personal Responsibility Plan.  School attendance is considered a work activity for a minor parent.  Therefore, he/she is eligible for child care services to meet the Personal Responsibility Plan commitment. 


When a sanction is necessary only one 20% reduction sanction will be applied for noncompliance with the educational requirement, regardless of the number of children in the AU who do not comply.  However, a 20% sanction for children who are not parents and the removal of a minor parent can be applied at the same time, if appropriate.



Table of Contents